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Mini Tennis Players

Mini Tennis Awards

Children between 3 and 10 years of age can get stuck into the world of tennis with our exciting four stage programme – Tots, Red, Orange and Green. This colourful programme is full of fun games to develop fundamental tennis skills in combination with coordination, agility and balance exercises.

Children progress through different stages according to age and take part in challenges tailored to their playing experience. Using smaller courts, nets, rackets and lower bouncing balls all children are taught 4 important skills:

· How to rally 

· How to serve 

· Coming to the net and volleying 

· How to score and compete

With this exciting and tailored age-specific programme children can progress at a pace that suits them. By achieving key goals related to each stage and level, parents can easily see how their child is improving with stickers, badges and certificates. 

Students are placed into groups relevant to their age and ability upon registration. 


Junior Tennis

From complete beginners through to experienced players, everyone is encouraged to strengthen their physical, technical and tactical tennis skills.

For teenagers who are just beginning tennis we offer a "Quickstart" programme. In this programme appropriate equipment is used to ensure players have fun and experience success while learning the basic technical skills.  

Players who have normally progressed from Mini Tennis Green Stage have an understanding of most tennis shots, tactics and scoring. Young players will adapt their skills to the faster ball and the bigger court. While getting older, players are coached to play with consistency in shots and to further develop technical skills and tactical principles. Experienced players coming from other clubs can join the programme based on their current level of play.

Students are placed into groups relevant to their age and ability upon registration. 

Practical Details

Students are expected to bring their own racket. An option to purchase a tennis racket at ITA is included in your registration.   

View our recommended rackets based on age and height of the player.

Locations :

B.I.S. (group lessons, ages 3 - 8)

Wimbledon T.C. (group lessons, ages 8 - 18) 

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