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Frequently asked questions

What should my child bring to the tennis lessons? 

  • A tennis racket of suitable size for your child's age (exception for Miss Hits programme: bat is included, no racket is required)
  • Clothing that will keep them at a safe temperature during exercise and allow them freedom to run around.  
  • Appropriate tennis footwear (non-marking trainers). 
  • A drink – ideally a water bottle containing water or squash (not fizzy). 

Does my child need a tennis racket? 

Yes, all players need a tennis racket (exception for Miss Hits Programme where bats are supplied). Should you wish to purchase a racket for your child, please contact us and we will supply the right racket for you (costs from €25).

What should my child wear? 

Non-marking, flat rubber soled trainers, and clothing that will keep them at a safe temperature during exercise and allow them freedom to run around. Layered clothing is advisable. 

Does my child need to bring a drink? 

Yes, they will need a drink. We encourage regular hydration during exercise. Ideally, they should have a water bottle containing water or squash (not fizzy).   

Where do the lessons take place? 

All sessions take place indoors during the winter months (and the odd rainy summers day). The location you have selected has indoor facilities, therefore removing the threat of the cold, wind and rain.   

Do I have to stay with my child during the lessons? 

No, not at all. If you are concerned that your child will worry with you not being there, please speak to your coach for advice.   

How do I pay? 

Fees are paid up front for each term of lessons. This can be paid by cash (at the 1st lesson) or by bank transfer 5 days prior to the commencement date of the 1st lesson.   

Should I inform the coach when my child is not able to join the lesson?
Yes, we ask the parents to inform us if your child is not able to come. This enables coaches to modify their lessons in advance and stops us worrying if a child has not shown up.    

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